Friday, 18 March 2011

The Committee Challenge Cup!

The Committee Challenge Cup has been fought by members of the Tilgate Seniors' Committee and the members since 2001. This year on Wednesday 16 March, led by Bill Huntley, the members beat the Committee.

Here we see the winning members looking very pleased with themselves!
Left to right

Brian Wood, Colin Puddephat, Bill Crozier, Ivor Blunden, Alan Smith, Ian Joseph (Sitting), Bill Fenton, Bill Power, Bill Huntley(Capt for the day), Ken Pattenden and Roy Sullivan.

Here we see Brian Cowie presenting the cup to Bill Huntley. There was a special vote of thanks from everyone to Brian for organising the event.

Report from Brian Cowie

"22 players fought a pitched battle along the fairways and greens with the result being in doubt right up to the first match out. Peter Quelch, Stan Smith and Ron Stocker were made honorary members of the Committee to even the sides out to 11 players per team. Bill Huntley Captained the Members. He gave a rousing speech at the start of play to rally his troops to the call, actually what he said was good morning to everyone! The Teams were:

Bill Huntley (Captain), Ivor Blunden, Bill Crozier, Bill Fenton, Ian Joseph, Ken Pattenden, Bill Power, Colin Puddephatt, Alan Smith, Roy Sullivan, and Brian Wood.

Brian Cowie (Captain), Joe Burgin, Ivor Clays, Dug Godfrey, Gavin Grove, Clive Phelps, Peter Quelch, John Rea, Stan Smith, Jack Snape, and Ron Stocker.

Gavin Grove top-scored on the day with a very creditable 39 points

The Committee had 3 major disaster scores, I’m not going to name the players concerned as that wouldn’t be fair, but, JB, JR and PQ you know who you are!! The average score per player was 27 ponts and I can tell you that had those three players performed anywhere near the average, we would still have lost heavily!!

Well done Bill Huntley and the Members you were deserved winners by a massive 36 points.


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